Here is an optional questionnaire for you to fill out in advance of our mentorship period. Please answer any questions that are relevant to you. If possible, I'd love to receive your questionnaire three days before our first meeting so we can spend the first session discussing your answers and setting some goals for our work together. Your answers here are confidential and will only be read by me. I'll send this form back to you when I get it so you will have a copy for your records. 




Name *
(not required!)
Please separate web addresses by commas or if you have no online work available feel free to email me material
Describe how you structure your work. What are you doing? How do you feel about it? Are you sharing it? If you are, who with and how? (this might include online social networks, physical exhibitions, readings, screenings, informal and formal groups, etc)
What would you like to strengthen, let go of, pursue, experiment with, begin, change, or develop...?
This can of course develop as we go along. Examples might include; improving professional organisation, developing and following an Artist Residency in Motherhood, creating accountability (please describe what for specifically), setting professional goals, developing a practice, seeking new audiences, preparing a portfolio, etc.
This might be circumstantial, situational or personal (for example lack of time, support, community, confidence, space, focus, opportunity, money, etc.)
Where are you? What are you working on? Who is the next person who telephones? What does your schedule for the next year look like? (This can be as imaginary or realistic as you choose.)