An Artist Residency in Motherhood - planning questionnaire

Below are some questions to help create a structure and focus for your residency. Answer any that are useful to you. Once completed the form will be submitted to An Artist Residency in Motherhood. We will forward it back to you at our very earliest convenience (usually within 24 hours). This way you will retain all of your inputted information. We won't share or use your text for any purpose. If you prefer to work privately please download and use the printed version of this questionnaire. 

I understand that this form will be submitted to An Artist Residency in Motherhood *
We will send this inputted text back to you as an email at our very earliest convenience.
How much time are you able to work, where do you work, how do you feel about it, what are you working on? How has parenthood affected (or not) your working practice?
Write initial thoughts below then edit to make a prioritized list
Time? Space? Curiosity? Inspiration? Community? Solitude? New experiences? A mentor? Accountability? Sleep? Specific training or materials? Assistance? Childcare? Direction? Visibility? etc. Write initial thoughts in the box below then edit to make a prioritized list
Use your reflections from part one to write a document outlining your approach to your residency. Describe the way you would like to work and why. Describe the things you need and how you might access them. What will you change? What does, could or might parenthood bring to your work? Are there expectations you can let go of, or new approaches you could explore? You can write your own manifesto, or feel free to use the one on the website
Fundraise if you need to. This could be applying for traditional art funding, or running an independent Kickstarter or Indigogo campaign. You might also take a creative approach; make an affordable edition and sell it to friends, family and colleagues, hold fundraising events, ask for donations, hold a garage sale, or sell shares in your career. Look at for a great independent model of contemporary patronage Write any ideas below
Could you use space in your home differently, or use other public spaces to work in? How could you change your routine or eliminate tasks to create more time? Could you appoint a friend or colleague as an accountability tracker, or mentor? Could you trade with friends for childcare or materials, or collaborate with others to make those things more accessible? Could you change the way you work to make it more productive given your current situation? Ideas below
Where will you work?
Start *
When will your residency begin?
End *
When will your residency end? (It can always be extended if necessary)
Decide on a system(s) you will use to track your own experience, for example: a written document, a personal journal, a public blog, a website, regular meetings with a mentor, etc.
How? When? Where? Write ideas below
Will you undertake your residency alone, or with others? If you want one, how will you create a community and keep in touch with them. Who are they?
Date of submission
Address of a website you use for your creative work if you have one
Where will your residency take place?
On the map? *
May we publish your name, dates of your residency, website (if provided) and approximate location on our map of current artists-in-residence-in-motherhood?