An experimental granting structure for artist/parents.

Artists/parents in need apply to receive $999 to use in any way they like to support their own creative work. Then, once they have the means, they pass the exact same amount of money along to a different artist/parent of their choosing. This could be weeks, months or years later. A Red Thread can be begun by anybody, and each separate strand continues indefinitely along its own timeline. 

Scroll down to apply for an existing Red Thread grant administered by An Artist Residency in Motherhood, start your own Red Thread, or make a donation

When work from An Artist Residency in Motherhood is exhibited, the host institution is invited to contribute to a new Red Thread strand to be administered by An Artist Residency in Motherhood. To date we've funded two new Red Thread strands with donations from the multi-form project New Maternalisms in Canada, the museum Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis in Austria, writer Amy Krouse Rosenthal, artist Lenka Clayton and Catharine Clarke Gallery in San Francisco.

Apply for one of these, or a future grant below. Grants will be awarded on an ongoing basis as funds become available. 

Nominate an artist to receive a Red Thread

Please note: there are many (many) more applicants than grants. Because our team is very small we are only able to contact people who have been awarded a Red Thread, and are not able to offer feedback on applications. We accept any work samples that can be viewed online. These can be personal websites, links to image or video hosting sites, or any other appropriate online platform.

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Start your own Red Thread


  1. Collect $999. This could come from your own resources, or from a fundraising campaign. If you would like to contribute toward a Red Thread strand donations can be made below.
  2. Find a recipient. A recipient should be an artist/parent for whom the money would make a real difference to their ability to make their creative work. You could organize an application process or choose someone you know, an artist you admire, a friend of a friend, etc.
  3. Ask if they need and would like to accept the Red Thread.
  4. Make & sign a Red Thread contract and keep a copy each (download suggested text here .docx)
  5. Give your recipient a check for $999 (important note: you will not receive this money back, it will be passed on to future artists in need of time, space or other support).
  6. When the recipient is able to do so they will pass along the Red Thread in the same manner.
  7. Fill in the handover form below so we can document the progression of each Red Thread
  8. Send documentation of work made with a Red Thread grant. This might include images, a written statement about your experience, and/or copies of your contract. This will be used to create an archive of the grant, to encourage future donations and support for other women. Please note if you prefer to remain anonymous. 

Please register your new Red Thread strand:

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Date of Red Thread handover
If you have examples of your work online please add a website here
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Part-fund a Red Thread

We are grateful for donations of any amount toward beginning new Red Thread strands. An Artist Residency in Motherhood will compile 100% of all donations received and once $999 is reached will award a new Red Thread to an artist nominated by the extensive ARiM community. Please use the form above to suggest additional artists for consideration. All donors will be named as funders unless you prefer to remain anonymous.


The first Red Thread was imagined and fully-funded by writer Amy Krouse Rosenthal. It was passed on to Lenka Clayton on 09/09/2015. 

The original contract devised between Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Lenka Clayton, 2015 / typewriter ink, pen and thread on kitchen towel. Each pairing of grant-giver & grant recipient devise their own contract.

The original contract devised between Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Lenka Clayton, 2015 / typewriter ink, pen and thread on kitchen towel. Each pairing of grant-giver & grant recipient devise their own contract.